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pagavAriki navvaga - Lyrics

pagavAriki navvaga

raagam: kApi

Aa:S R2 M1 P N3 S Av: S N2 D2 N2 P M1 G2 R2 S

taaLam: cApu Composer: UnKnown Language:


Oh Supreme Lord, you are ocean of compassion. You are gentle. The moon graces on your head.


You are the lover of Girija.You are the deity of the hills. Please pity me.

caraNam 1 Oh Sankara,you don't need any support. You are unblemished. Your neck is blue. You are the supreme being. Is it possible even for Brahma to understand you? You are terror to Manmadha. caraNam 2 None is equal to you. You are worshipped by the sages and your splendor is unique. This is the best time to protect me. I've none else. I'll sing your praise only. caraNam 3 Dasu Rama is your good servant. You are worshipped by Indra the lord of Devatas.Oh Siva the enemy of Manmadha, I implore humbly. You are the abode of compassion. I heartily believe you.

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