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Learners need endless feedback more than they need endless teaching


Preparing for a recital/concert?

Taking music exams?

Get an assessment done by our qualified teachers. Record your videos and share them with us here. Our teachers have vast experience training students for exams and performances in music. We will assess every detail in your performance video and share detailed feedback which will help you improve your style and perform better.

Get assessed by OctavesOnline panel

Criticism coming from those who understand music, who are worthy of being critical because they are knowledgeable about what they say, will nourish an artist's growth. 

Octavesonline panel are the selected best music critics who are knowledgeable and provide you right direction to enhance and grow

Sample Assessment Report

Get Assessed

Fee for this assessment is ₹500


Thank You for applying! Our team will revert back within 24 hours and let you know the details.

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