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Our Services

Our vision is to provide affordable access to vocal and instrumental music education. Our strong network of well-qualified and experienced teachers is helping us realize this dream.

Free Learning Videos

We have a growing collection of free learning videos that can help anyone get started, no matter what your learning style is. More videos are added to the collection based on student requests.

Get Assessed

Preparing for a recital / concert? Taking music exams? Get an assessment done by our qualified teachers. Our teachers have vast experience training students for exams and performances in music.

Personal Online Classes

Signup for personalized 1-1 online sessions with our instructors. All of our instructors have years of experience teaching all age groups, whether you are 6 or 60! You can set your goals and train towards them.

Get Certified - Coming Soon!

Introducing OctavesOnline certification in Indian Classical Music, Carnatic or Hindustani Vocal. Become Octavesonline certified music professional and increase your credibility in music.

What Our Clients Say


Emma, Hindustani Vocal Student

"After my classes with my Hindustani Vocal teacher, I feel inspired and enthusiased! I really appreciate his relaxed, practical and encouraging approach and cant wait for more lessons! My previous attempts to gain more confidence over the voice have not suceeded, but this time with OctavesOnline, it is different and I already see the difference."
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