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E tIruga - Lyrics

E tIruga

Aa:S R1 G3 M1 P D1 N3 Av: N3 D1 P M1 G3 R1 S N3

taaLam: Adi Composer: Badraacala Raamadaas Language:


In what way will you show me your kindness, O great one of Surya dynasty Will it be possible for me to swim this ocean of worldly concerns, O lotus-eyed Rama!

caraNam 1 O son of Raghu clan! Sita?s consort! Protector of those that seek you! O Rama! Abode of compassion! Boon-giver to your devotees! To see you is the real sight! 2. With love I told you well before that you are my Lord Without forgetting now give me your consideration as I take refuge in You 3. I did several cruel deeds unaware of them, please do not count those crimes Please remove my distress O jewel among the foremost of gods! O Rama! 4. You are the Teacher and Lord of my mind and all the Knowledge Unaware that You are my Lord I became a roaming cruel being 5. You pervade in all these countless worlds arising from primordial eggs (of Brahma) If we whole-heartedly think of Your name we get eternal bliss 6. Praised by Indra, Brahma, and various gods, O Rama, container of the ocean (built the bridge) You possess shining great and good qualities O Lord of Bhadradri (Bhadra hill), Sri Rama! 7. Praised by Indra, sustainer of Ramadasa, my obeisance to you O Rama of Ayodhya worshipped by your devotees, please give us protection from fear, O son of Dasaradha, Rama of Raghu clan

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