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gurudattA your grace - Lyrics

gurudattA your grace

raagam: ?

taaLam: Unknown Composer: Ganapati Saccidananda. Language:


gurudattA your grace is the only solace, saccidAnandA your grace is the only solace

caraNam 1 help us maintain a life of restrain yon equanimous mind in loss and gain our pleasure and pain wash away our sin and help as win the enemies within make us strong caraNam 2 that we do no wrong, our minds be clear of every fear, our hearts be full of ever blissful and intellect ?ain with ephal jens device caraNam 3 give us redemption from ignorance and illusion liberate us from confusion bless us with moral eduucation grant us the wisdom to seek eternal freedom caraNam 4 bless the world with prosperity none should suffer from poverty lead us until eternity you are the supreme authority

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