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A nalina mukhi (j) - Lyrics

A nalina mukhi (j)

raagam: jhanjhUTi

taaLam: Adi Composer: UnKnown Language:


Oh Lord Venugopala, she is bitter like raw 'Mushni' in forest. I wonder how she became dear to you. What can I say?


You are attracted by her in utter delusion. She'll not make you happy. She is a big hoax.

caraNam 1 She troubles you with her glossy appearance and actions. She is wicked. You'll be disappointed. Happiness is only a mirage with her. caraNam 2 Friendship with her is wasteful. You may be eager to touch her but she is not worth a pie. Oh lord, she is worst trickster. caraNam 3 Oh Totlavalluru Venugopala, please don't get angry. Poet Dasu Srirama's utterances and acts are true like Vedas. Please have faith in me.

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