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What Our Clients Say

Thanks to OctavesOnline for giving me a fantastic Violin teacher. The teacher is patient and encouraging. What is most inspiring is the humility despite having such proficiency in the subject matter. Lessons are customized based on students' capability and their objectives and definitely recommended!

Pankaj Garg

Carnatic Violin Student


OctavesOnline classes gave me an idea about real music and how to perform and practice with scales all through online classes.

Today I can perform with any vocalists and play any song I hear. I stay in Norway, where I take online classes through OctavesOnline.

The quality of teachers present on this platform is exceptional. I recommend this platform to all music enthusiasts.

Chandan Das

Tabla Student


Writing this review after performing live with 4 different songs.. I was a beginner in music with many questions on how to start. Was trying to sing along with many videos but failed many times.

I started with Online lessons and Vocal teacher from OctavesOnline helped me on building up foundation. Teacher encouraged me to try not to get booged down y hurdles. I was far away from the teacher in Atlanta in different time-zone and was learning online. Initially I thought it will be difficult but believe me it was same like attending in person without commuting.

I am really fortunate that I got a teacher like you. Thanks to OctavesOnline for understanding my requirements and provisioning online classes.

Aanya Subramanian

Hindustani Vocal Student


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