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Emayya rAma - Lyrics

Emayya rAma

raagam: kAmbhOji

Aa:S R2 G3 M1 P D2 S Av: S N2 D2 P M1 G3 R2 S N3 P D2 S

taaLam: k/cApu Composer: Badraacala Raamadaas Language:


Sri Rama! Even for Brahma, Indra, and other gods, will it be possible to understand your illusory actions (maya)?


Praised by the enemy of desire (Lord Shiva) 1, O repository of virtues, water-lily petal like blue-skinned, Father who created me, Sri Rama

caraNam 1 Sri Rama! You were thought of as son by Dasaradha, as a friend by Sugriva as very strong by monkey warriors, as ruler of the earth by other kings who praised you, but none of them realized that you are the purifier of the fallen! caraNam 2 Sri Rama! You were thought of as friend by Pandavas, as an enemy by Jarasandha and others, as a wealthy person by Kuchela, but no one served you as the lotus-eyed Lord! caraNam 3 You were thought of as a human being by other humans, as a leader by Yadavas, as a fianc?e by gopikas, Sri Rama! savior of the elephant king! Praised by Ramadasa of bhadragiri! None of them could think of you as the Supreme Spirit!

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